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Posted on 2008.11.25 at 16:10
Current Mood: tiredtired
I am SO GLAD that rumor was true! Gerard and Lyn-Z baby, yay! I'm all smiles right now. =D

Anyway, sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've just been busy. So, I went to see Cobra Starship last week. I don't feel like writing a full review right now, so I'll just give an overview. The two opening bands were okay, but not amazing. Forever The Sickest Kids was decent. But Cobra was incredible, as usual. I danced and sang and ruined my voice. But I can't complain. Gabe's throat must be killing him. :( He should have canceled, but I can kinda understand how he didn't wanna let people down.

I didn't stick around after the show to meet them, because of exhaustion and dehydration, but hopefully I'll see them again this coming year. Then I can get a chance to say hi. Also, Gabe better get surgery by then. Or I will spam his Twitter with messages telling him to do so.

Speaking of Twitter, Lol at Gerard and Bob. I had to turn phone updates off on them, because they were gonna use up all my text messages if I didn't. And holy shit, Gerard. 5 shots of espresso in your coffee? Wow. I bet you're still 100% awake, unless you've built up an immunity to caffeine or something.

School has been going well, but I need to start working on my big essay. 3 to 5 pages, but it's double spaced, so I should be okay.

Also, EVERYONE needs to check out a band called Hotspur. I met them at the Cobra show, and they gave me a free mixtape of their songs. It's amazing stuff.

I got Animal Crossing: City Folk. It's win, as usual. I need to get Sonic Unleashed too, but I'll probably wait until Christmas.

And I don't know if I told you guys, but I got a gorgeous new guitar. It's a Schecter Blackjack, and it's incredible. I really like Schecter. Their guitars are sturdy, and they sound great.

I've recently watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. That movie is incredible, and I think I need to play the preceding game. The story sounds absolutely fascinating. I played it once when I was little, but I probably didn't really understand it then. And it was rented, so I didn't get far. Not only that, but it kept freezing up.

Speaking of movies, my f-list may hate me for this, but TWILIGHT FTW. The movie was MUCH better than I expected. I loved it.

So, I think this entry has gone on long enough. I'll try to update more often, I'm being a bad LJ friend.

Posted on 2008.11.04 at 23:04


Posted on 2008.10.22 at 21:18
I am so excited. I'm about to start the last story on Sonic Adventure. I finally decided I'd make a serious effort to beat the game, since I've already beaten nearly every other Sonic game I own. I say nearly, because I have yet to get through Sonic Chronicles. :( I am so behind.


Gov. Palin Cold Open

Posted on 2008.10.19 at 23:37
LOL. They look identical!



Posted on 2008.10.15 at 21:02

I've got my popcorn, and I'm ready! GO OBAMA!

Thoughts on the debate may follow soon.

Posted on 2008.09.27 at 23:59
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: SA2 Soundtack
The only thing motivating me to post is my semi-new icon. Halloween Hedgie! Haha.

I downloaded the entirety of the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack today. I forgot how much I liked it. I think after I post this I'm gonna play the game a bit.

Another thing I have downloaded recently is the leaked version of Sonic Chronicles. I'm definitely gonna go buy that game. It's awesome. And the dialogue is so much better than anything Sonic Team could come up with.

Posted on 2008.09.26 at 22:23
I am totally watching the Presidential debate live on Myspace and eating popcorn. Hell yeah.

EDIT: I either missed it, or they didn't discuss gay rights, but I'm sure it will come up eventually. It's not exactly one of the most important issues right now. A lot of things preside over it. Like the crappy economy.

ANOTHER EDIT: I love this one guy's comment: "I mean if people have a problem with it then they just don't go to a gay wedding. See, problem fucking solved!"



Posted on 2008.09.22 at 21:12


(Sorry, I just HAD to post it too, guys.)


I was tagged by sockxdrawer

Posted on 2008.09.14 at 00:05
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people
4. No tag-backs.

Whoo! Eight things about me.
1- My dream is to be a musician for a living. Which is a tall order, so I'll probably end up doing something else.
2- My guitar's name is Pandora.
3- I like my glasses better than contacts, but my contacts are more convenient.
4- I really like Forever The Sickest Kids.
5- Eoin Colfer is my favorite author.
6- I love making icons.
7- There are currently 1021 songs in my iTunes. More to be added very soon.
8- By the looks of it, Madina Lake will always be my favorite band.

I'm lazy, so I'm only gonna tag two people:

Posted on 2008.09.13 at 20:55
Current Music: Hawthorne Heights - Until The Judgment Day | Scrobbled by Last.fm
I picked up Hawthorne Height's new album today. I've only gotten through the first seven songs, but it's amazing so far. I highly recommend picking it up.

Also, I really want to go see Black Gold on October 30th. They're gonna be two and a half hours away. But they're supporting a band I really don't like. Tickets are $12, but is it really worth it if all I'm gonna be interested in is BG? I mean, BG is probably one of my top favorite bands. But maybe I should wait until they tour their new album to see them.

EDIT: Code Geass has been moved to 5 AM on Adult Swim? How incredibly lame. You know, just because I watch it at 2 AM, doesn't mean I'll watch it at 5 AM. Good thing we have a DVR! =D

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