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Posted on 2009.01.10 at 22:36
Current Music: Never Walk Alone- Madina Lake
The new Madina Lake song is incredible, especially lyrically. It's just... wow.
Saw them last night in Virginia. Incredible show, I'm going to talk about it under the cut.

Pics and Vids are up! They're the best part, haha.

Well, the show was only an hour and a half away, so I didn't have to skip school for it. But I left a half hour early anyway.

This time around, mom decided to go along with us. Usually it's just me, my sister, and my dad. So we drove to the venue. We had a little trouble finding it, but when we did, we discovered a line of maybe 30 people max. I was surprised, as this show had been listed as sold out. Me and my sister got in line, and it was very cold. Not as bad as it was in Baltimore though.

Soon, people began to arrive. The line got longer, but never longer than the parking lot. I began to get excited, because small shows are always really fun. About an hour from when we got there, the doors were finally opened. We all went in, and it turned out to be a nice little venue. Actually, it was a church, but the church was designed so that bands could play there. It was a very nice, clean little place.

So then began the waiting while everyone filed in. Meanwhile, I band watched, like I always do. The "backstage area" was behind chairs that were stacked up high. (Oh, that reminds me. The barrier between the crowd and stage was also made up of stacked chairs lined up in a row. It wasn't exactly concert-safe, haha.) But anyway, my band watching usually consists of scanning around the room for anyone I knew. The first person I saw was Mateo. He was towards the back of the room, talking to some people. I secretly have a crush on him by the way, haha. But I didn't feel like leaving my 3rd row spot in the crowd to talk to him, so I stayed where I was. More time passed, and finally I spotted Nathan jumping around excitedly backstage. It was all very amusing, haha. Later, Mateo jumped up on top of the chair barrier, took a picture of the stage, and jumped back down. Then, I quit band watching because I felt stalkerish. I'd see them all onstage soon enough anyway.

Finally, the first band came on, Between The Trees. They were all very cute, and soft spoken. The crowd, most likely realizing they were in a church, were so quiet and attentive, it was scary. You could hear a pin drop between songs. (An overhead projector had a sign earlier on that said no moshing would be tolerated, so the entire show was moshingless. Which wasn't bad at all, actually.) So, BtT started their first song, and it was the only one I knew, so I sang along. The guy's voice was incredible, spot on the whole time. Same goes for the guitars, keyboards,and drums. The whole band was just really good. And their songs were all very catchy. At first, the singer played guitar while he sang, but he later switched to playing piano. There was so much talent in that band, it surprised me. At the end of every song the cheering and clapping got louder as the set progressed. I think the whole crowd was very impressed.

Amusing Quote:
Singer: Uh... Actually, I've been sworn to wear this every night onstage.
Singer: I think he's in the same situation. You can try our keyboardist though. He'd love to get rid of his vest.
Keyboardist: *makes a face, adjusts his vest, and holds it like he doesn't want to give it up*
Sadly, their set had to end. But I was suddenly cheered up when ML began setting up.


During set-up, they kinda rushed through sound check, and had some problems. But they looked really stoked to play, and after being in the studio so long, I can see why. Unfortunately, when they started, right into the new song, they sounded...kinda bad, haha. Nathan's mic was too low, the drums were too loud, and the guitars were really hard to hear. But at the end of the song, they fixed it. But I could still tell the song was awesome. It was the one they just released, "Never Walk Alone."

"Never Walk Alone"

Then, they bantered a bit about how the crowd had to get moving now, even though we weren't allowed to get too crazy. Haha, Nathan kept coaxing us to crowd-surf, and "go in a circle around the room". No crazy moshing, but at least something, he said, while cautiously looking at the wall where the no moshing sign used to be.
So then, they carried on with their set, and the crowd really started to get going. They played another new song called "Never Take Us Alive", and it was even more amazing.

"Never Take Us Alive"

And then at some point, they played "Da Limp". I love it, everyone just goes mental.

"Da Limp"

The whole set went really, really well. And then, Nathan decided to break some rules. It was the last song, and he started climbing the speaker. Knowing what he was going to do, I started to head over to that area. A lot of people didn't really know what was going on, haha. Nathan got on top of the speaker, and motioned that he was going to jump. Then people understood. So he practically catapulted off the speaker into the crowd. This time, I actually caught him as opposed to being landed on by him. It was awesome. Then, he crowdsurfed back to the stage, and they sang the final chorus to their song, and left the stage.


Now, I was dehydrated and needed water, so I decided to go find my parents, and the building's water fountain. I'm not a huge Anberlin fan anyway, so I didn't feel like taking up space in the front of the crowd. Some other person would have appreciated my spot more than me. Then, I went and bought an awesome ML hoodie that matches the T-shirt I got last time.

Finally, I returned to the back of the crowd to watch Anberlin. They took FOREVER setting up, but that was probably because they didn't want to repeat what ML did. Their set was good, but I ended up standing in the path of the speaker. It was LOUD, haha. At the end of their set, they played one of the only songs I know from them, and I joined in with the crowd again, which was now going crazy. Then, they left the stage, came back and did an encore, and left the stage again. And I went to find my sister, and we found our Mom, and then we went to talk to Nathan. (Dad didn't stick around, he went to warm up the car.)


I think my bad habit of getting starstruck by ML is going away. I was actually able to coherently tell Nathan that the new songs were incredible, and that when I got home I was instantly going to listen to Never Walk Alone on repeat all night. He responded by thanking me in 100 different ways: for the compliment, for being a fan, for coming to the show, for representing them, for being awesome, for being excited about the new album, etc, etc, etc. Haha, I hated to leave, because he seemed like he was in a very talkative mood, but dad was waiting for us.

As we were leaving, I said, "Oh my god, mom, he's such a sweetheart." She agreed with me. She was very surprised at how level-headed ML was, and how appreciative they were of their fans. And she thought Nathan was adorable. Because he's very short (shorter than me, haha) and he had a very strong Chicago accent. Also, she found it amusing how appreciative the merch guy (his name is Mark) was of tips. Now she feels bad because she only tipped a dollar, haha. But I tipped Mark a ton at Warped so I could get water from their little cooler thing. So it's okay.

And thus ended one awesome evening.


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